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Nancy Skinner responded to outrageous charges in the so called “Emailgate” that all the climate data at East Anglia University had been destroyed and what the “so called costs” would be as determined by the Anti-Science “Heritage Institute” to address climate change.

Spoiler Alert: Nancy Skinner, usually a voice of calm and reason in opposition on Fox News, just had to let the truth fly in this very heated exchange with Fox Host Bill Hemmer and conservative radio host Andrea Tantaro.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nancy’s Guests:

3:00 PM Guest: Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD, Founder and Director, The Climate Mobilization

Topic:  A movement to protect civilization that is threatened by climate change.  We must launch a full-scale, government led, societal mobilization—the type of mobilization that we undertook as a society during World War II. 



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House Environment Committee’s: Ease Up on Oil Spill Prevention

Republicans on the House Environment Committee are actually trying to loosen oil spill prevention measures. After the BP Deepwater explosion that hurt the Gulf states so badly, and required federal tax dollars – we learned that BP was not doing enough to prevent such spills, and regulators were so short-staffed that they couldn’t do their oversight. Now, Republicans want to actually “ease up on oil spill prevention” as reported by  Climate Progress.