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Last Call for the Climate – Three Years UN Says

Seriously People, if Trump wins the Climate is Toast!

“The next three years provide the “last chance” to limit global warming to safe limits in this century, the United Nations said.”

The UN Produces an Annual Emissions Gap and the 2016 Report is scary. Scientists analyze the goals of the Paris Agreement, which went into for November 4th, to the Pledges of the Countries. They go into lots of detail, and it’s now how scientists usually talk, but let me translate:

If you Elect that Climate Denying, Pulling out of Paris, EPA Abolishing, Slashing all Climate-Funding – know nothing, Donald Trump, then it’s game over. His idea of drilling even more oil, and killing off renewable energy, is planetary suicide. Vote Hillary. Don’t be crazy.

I’ve had a huge number of guests on the show nearing the election. Perhaps the most famous climate scientist, Michael Mann told us that point blank. So did Bill McKibben.  Glen Peters, Lead Researcher on Carbon Capture & Storage for the International Center on Climate Research in Oslo, Norway said we have to elect a President that will rapidly deploy existing Renewable Energy technologies and invest in promising new technologies, but it can’t wait. We’re already overshooting the targets the world agreed to. We joked that there is no Bruce Willis who is going to be able to shoot down the asteroid with a nuclear weapon in space at the exact right time to save the planet. That was a movie. Trump is a real threat to the planet.

Even former conservative Republican Congressman, Bob Inglis, called Trump a “Moron” on the show, and said what a threat he poses to finding Climate Solutions that he says many Republicans in Congress secretly wish to do but feel so much pressure from Trump activists.

Read more at Inside Climate News,

‘Last Chance’ to Limit Global Warming to Safe Levels, UN Scientists Warn
New study says that unless nations ramp up their carbon-reduction pledges before 2020, it will be nearly impossible to keep warming to 2 degrees.



Michael Mann on Election 2016: Climate is on the Ballot!

Special Election Edition: What Michael E. Mann really thinks about the choices on the ballot (all of them) and what it means for the planet!

Nancy Skinner interviews Michael Mann on October 17th! Listen Up Millennials!

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Climate Talk TV: The Climate Debate We Deserve!

Stay tuned: At 6:00 Eastern, will host the debate that Americans should have heard about Climate Change that the Media has ignored.  To ask a question just Tweet it Using #ClimateCheckForum Join Bill McKibben and global leaders in the most important issue on the ballot this year: The Climate.


Searching for Climate Signals in Louisiana’s Epic Flood

Louisiana: This Ain’t Normal!

Popular Science took on the question that is on most (science-accepting), people. Louisiana has been hot with at least 24 inches of water in 24 hours, with Watson, Louisiana topping out at 31 inches. The American Red Cross declared it the worst crisis since Hurricane Sandy.

The explanation is very simple for those of us who understand how climate change is changing the “normal” patterns of precipitation patterns.  It’s pretty simple really – when it’s a warmer world, there is more evaporation and therefore water vapor in the atmosphere. So when it rains, it deluges.

From the Popular piece:

The record-breaking deluge was fueled in turn by a record-breaking amount of water vapor in the atmosphere above the southeastern Louisiana. The National Weather Service reported water vapor levels in the atmosphere so high they came close to breaking the Weather Service chart.

Lousisiana Flood Graph

But for Louisiana had the double whammy as the article explains:

In the particular case of the Louisiana rains, global warming landed a double whammy. Not only was a warmer atmosphere ready to hold more water, the waters of the Gulf were able to evaporate more easily due to unusually warm seas, a long-term trend also driven by global warming. The storm system was fed by moist winds coming off the Gulf coast where sea surface temperatures were running hot, bumped up by global warming. In the days immediately before the storm, sea surface temperatures in the Gulf hovered near 90°F, 4-5°F above average.

SeaTemps map

So, you don’t have to be a climate scientist to recognize that warmer waters (like 90 degrees) is going t o evaporate quickly, and when it rains, it deluges.

It’s part of a larger regional feature of increased water vapor in the Unites States. NASA and NOAA have studied regional changes in precipitation. In general, we are getting wetter. The jet streams have changed, and have created some “ridiculously ridges” that have cut off the natural precipitation in California (like at least a 1,200 year drought). But here is the map of our new normal precipitation.

Precipitation Map

So we have a new normal.  We will see more extreme precipitation events like in Louisiana. The question is: are we prepared for it?

Can Faith Fix Climate Change?

People of All Faiths Unite to Demand Action on Climate Change

Scientific American had a great piece on how the moral imperative of addressing climate change is rising as a top imperative and surprisingly Evangelicals are leading the most aggressive efforts.

Pope Francis, by publishing his Encyclical on Climate Change, demonstrated, not only his moral judgement and Catholic Doctrine, but also revealed a deep and wide-ranging knowledge about Climate Change, its consequences, according to the Washington Post. He even goes so far as to advocate for policies and plans to turn around the ship from this iceberg.

Katherine Hayhoe, a Climate Talk Radio Contributor is both a leading Climate Science and an Evangelical. Katherine speaks to conservative audiences about how faith and healing the earth go hand in hand.

Some churches like the Faith Community Church in Greensboro North Carolina are actively challenging their state laws.  The solar panels featured in this post were put on the Faith Community Church.  North Carolina is one of four states that prohibit the direct sale of solar power by a non-utility. They “buy” their power from a third-part, which was not explicitly banned but implied.

Canada’s Extreme Weather Week

Record Heat , Hail, Thunderstorms, Tornadoes Plague Canada

According to CTV News:

From torrential rain to loonie-sized hail to several confirmed tornadoes, it’s been a busy 24 hours for Canadian meteorologists.

Extreme weather slammed the country, particularly in the Prairies and Western Canada, on Wednesday and Thursday.