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And We March Again! April 29th, 2017

100 Days of Insanity for the Earth!

Join us at Climate Talk Radio while we talk and chat about the The People’s Climate March #ClimateMarch in DC and the Sister Marches around the Nation.

We’ll be taking your phone calls and Skype calls to talk about what these policies really mean for America and the World!

The Policymakers need the biggest wake-up call we can deliver and I want them to hear your voices, not just look at signs (but those are great too)!

More details as events begin tomorrow!

Your Host,

Nancy Skinner

World To Trump: Too Late, “We Will Move Ahead”

Marrakesh “Blues” Change to “Bullish” following Trump’s Win

For those of us in the Climate Community, a Trump win was our worst nightmare. As a candidate, he called it “Hoax” made up by the Chinese, which is really funny in some ways because the China has lapped the US on investment in renewable energy and has shuttled plans for new coal-fired power plants as well as shutting down existing plants, so the joke is on the US when they become the world’s largest exporter of clean technology.

He also threatened to cancel the $100 billions of funding the US gives to the UN for Climate Change, even though he doesn’t understand what that number is. The $100 billion was a goal set in the Paris Agreement in 2015 that by 2020 will be the target for all the nations to reach to help with adaptation and mitigation. The original goal is $10 billion, of that the US promised $3 billion and has yet to even make that first $500 million installment due to a science denying US Congress.

Even as 2016 smashed all heat records, the rest of the world was in shock and horror that the US had elected a Climate Denier as President. What would this mean for Paris (he promised “to cancel” the Paris Agreement), he vowed to eliminate the EPA and kill off the Clean Power Plan, the major US contribution to the world’s pledged emission’s targets?

Personally, I felt nothing but despair. I had a very deep and aching fear that right when we needed a Climate Champion in the White House, like Bruce Willis was the guy who had to head to space to shoot down the asteroid on its way to destroy the earth with a nuclear weapon at precisely the right moment, we got Darth Vader instead.

The first meeting since Paris COP22 just wrapped up in Marrakesh Morocco, and the climate went from despair to determination.  Over 200 countries reiterated their commitments to achieving their targeted reductions of CO2, and even pushed for more ambitious plans. They joined together for a Selfie of Sorts to Donald. “We Will Move Ahead”.

The momentum of an agreement crafted over 20 years, along with the amazing reinforcement from countries like China and even oil giant Saudi Arabia, to transition to clean energy is too great now for even the combined efforts of Trump “Big Oil” forces in Congress and his “really awful on climate” administration appointments.

Big Business and Industry left the station a long time ago and joined hands with the international community and scientists to speed the transition. The Big Three Automakers even said that a Trump Presidency will not slow down their production of Electric Vehicles, according to the Detroit Free Press.

As Trump speaks with world leaders, I do believe that the seriousness of climate change will factor into his decisions. I don’t thinks he will be a Bruce Willis, the heavy lifting still is on us all, but he won’t be Darth Vader. Why do I think that? Because I think from all the documentaries and from his own behavior Donald Trump is first and foremost concerned about what people think of him. Like,  to the point of demanding equal time on SNL parodying of him and demanding an apology from the cast of Hamilton for a message of unity they read to VP-Elect Mike Pence, that Trump considered harassment.

To be the Pariah among “the liberal media” in the US is one thing. To go down in history as having destroyed the last best hope for the planet’s survival? Well, that’s another thing.

Whatever you think of the man, he does love his children after all.


Michael Mann on Election 2016: Climate is on the Ballot!

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Global warming limit ‘close to being broken’

1.5 % Going Once Going,  Going Twice… Gone

August 7th, 2016

RTE News of Ireland is reporting that the upcoming meeting in Geneva of the IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), which plans to figure out how the world can meet the 1.5% C rise goal, as outlined in the Paris Agreement is now, only eight months later, will be very, very difficult to reach.

Stanford University Professor Chris Field, told the newspaper staying below 1.5C looked “impossible or at the very least, a very, very difficult task”.

Dr. Ben Sanderson, of the National Centre for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, suggested that it would take a global effort with such measures on an unprecedented scale to keep the target – a “tall order”.

“If the world puts all its resources into finding ways to generate power without burning fossil fuels, and if there were international agreements that action must happen instantly, and if carbon emissions were brought down to zero before 2050, then a rise of no more than 1.5C might just be achieved,” Dr. Sanderson said.

The panel will be looking at coordinated global efforts to move away from coal-fired power and the combustion engine as a way to still meet this 1.5% goal. Negative emission and carbon capture and storage will also be on the table.

This to me is like a real Independence Day movie, where a small group of people from different walks of life and skills gather under the direction of an exceptional “Can-Do” US President musters what it must do to destroy the asteroid heading toward Earth.

Except we don’t have the hero’s lined up yet.




Study: Climate Change, Extreme Weather Fueling More War

Study: 25% of Armed Conflict followed Extreme Weather Events

We often hear that ISIS and terrorism are far bigger threats to our security than Climate Change. A new study published by the National Academy of Sciences, a body created by President Lincoln to advise Congress on matters of science, accounting for a number of variables such as ethnic diversity, poverty, and more found that 25% of conflict followed a drought, flood or heat wave.

“We’ve been surprised by the extent that results for ethnic fractionalized countries stick out, compared to other country features such as conflict history, poverty, or inequality,” said Dr Jonathan Donges a Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research scientist and co-author of the new study.

“We think that ethnic divides may serve as a predetermined conflict line when additional stressors like natural disasters kick in, making multi-ethnic countries particularly vulnerable to the effect of such disasters,” he continued.

“It’s significant that you can make that statement—that nearly 25 percent of those conflicts coincided with some type of climate-related disaster.”

“What’s much more important is that this number is highly statistically significant and robust,” Donges said. “You cannot explain it by chance.”

House Environment Committee’s: Ease Up on Oil Spill Prevention

Republicans on the House Environment Committee are actually trying to loosen oil spill prevention measures. After the BP Deepwater explosion that hurt the Gulf states so badly, and required federal tax dollars – we learned that BP was not doing enough to prevent such spills, and regulators were so short-staffed that they couldn’t do their oversight. Now, Republicans want to actually “ease up on oil spill prevention” as reported by  Climate Progress.