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Solar power has big limitations. This wonder material could change that

Imagine that, Progress!

One of the things that bothers me is that when you talk to people who deny climate change, or even say there is nothing we can do about it, they always sight the limitation of renewables to displace oil and gas.

But really what incentives have there been to invent a better mousetrap when the fix was in for Big Oil. With Paris, comes progress – faster than ever!

Move over, Standard Photovoltaic (PV) cells, there’s a new kid in town as the Eagles say, called Perovskites, which are “a wide-ranging class of materials in which organic molecules, made mostly of carbon and hydrogen, bind with a metal such as lead and a halogen such as chlorine in a three-dimensional crystal lattice—can be made much more cheaply and with fewer emissions”, according to Jeffrey Carbeck, a Specialist Leader in Advanced Materials and Manufacturing at DC Innovations, Deloitte.

According to Carbeck in a World Economic Forum article, Perovskites, solve all three major problems associated with Photovoltaics and is rapidly advancing their efficiencies – on track to outpace them as they are a new technology and PV’s are a mature one.

Innovation follows imagination. We have plenty of imaging to do as we are charged with rapidly transitioning an old dirty fossil fuel dependent infrastructure, to a cleaner brighter future!