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For too long Talk Radio has been the purveyor of misinformation on climate change. Nancy Skinner got into Talk Radio back in 1997 to change that. Nancy started on WLS Radio in Chicago (where she was heard for eight years) and went nationally syndicated. This show is  dedicated to all things climate change – news, science, development, technology and leans forward on progress! Climate Talk Radio gives a global VOICE to all those who understand (and even those who don’t) that Climate Change is a clear and present danger and solutions are available right now!

We have Show Contributors who are the best and brightest in climate science, technology, business leadership, climate communicators and even bi partisan political leaders.  See Show Contributors to see our Climate Champions and their posts and podcasts!


Behind Climate Talk Radio is a powerful group of voices as Show Contributors.

Join Nancy LIVE at www.climatetalkradio.com and at Spreaker.com.ClimateTalkRadio from 3-6 PM Eastern for a fast-moving conversation on the State of the Climate and how daily events affect it! You can call into the Program using 202-630- 21614CTR, Skype into the Program at ClimateTalk or post comments in Chatroll, or by Twitter. Follow Nancy @ClimateTalker.

All posted content and live shows are free. To comment or join a live chat you must register. To listen or download all episodes of CTR,  listen anytime, on any device, join the 2C degree Membership level at just $5.99/ month. Want to be more active? Join the 1.5 C Membership level and participate in weekly Google Hangouts with top thought leaders on Climate for $9.99/month. All revenues go to building a bigger and better global platform for our message – money well spent.

Really frustrated that Climate Change barely is mentioned in the mass media? Become a Climate Ambassador for $500 and add your name to our list of people who want to raise our voices in this global conversation and make it a priority.

And like we revere our Founding Fathers, we are appealing to those with means, to be Re-Founding Fathers – understanding that America, nor the world can continue their pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, when we know that a destabilized climate is around the corner, unless we act boldly NOW!

Your name, company or ad will appear on our sidebar on each page, to value your contribution in breaking through the noise and nonsense of mainstream media to address the single most important issue ever!


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