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Michael Mann on Election 2016: Climate is on the Ballot!

Special Election Edition: What Michael E. Mann really thinks about the choices on the ballot (all of them) and what it means for the planet!

Nancy Skinner interviews Michael Mann on October 17th! Listen Up Millennials!

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Can Faith Fix Climate Change?

People of All Faiths Unite to Demand Action on Climate Change

Scientific American had a great piece on how the moral imperative of addressing climate change is rising as a top imperative and surprisingly Evangelicals are leading the most aggressive efforts.

Pope Francis, by publishing his Encyclical on Climate Change, demonstrated, not only his moral judgement and Catholic Doctrine, but also revealed a deep and wide-ranging knowledge about Climate Change, its consequences, according to the Washington Post. He even goes so far as to advocate for policies and plans to turn around the ship from this iceberg.

Katherine Hayhoe, a Climate Talk Radio Contributor is both a leading Climate Science and an Evangelical. Katherine speaks to conservative audiences about how faith and healing the earth go hand in hand.

Some churches like the Faith Community Church in Greensboro North Carolina are actively challenging their state laws.  The solar panels featured in this post were put on the Faith Community Church.  North Carolina is one of four states that prohibit the direct sale of solar power by a non-utility. They “buy” their power from a third-part, which was not explicitly banned but implied.