These next-generation batteries could end energy poverty

So Stop Whining About Renewables Being Viable to Compete with Fossil Fuels

The World Economic Forum has ranked NextGen Batteries as #3 The top 10 Emerging Technologies for 2016.

The prices for wind and solar have dropped an astonishing 80% and the growth of renewables is in double digits now as the world developing nations are embracing a cleaner and cheaper infrastructure system. The naggy problem has been the batteries needed to store the energy from the wind and sun.

Now, a new generation of batteries have emerged. According to the World Economic Forum:

“Within the past few years, new kinds of batteries have been demonstrated that deliver high enough capacity to serve whole factories, towns, or even “mini-grids” connecting isolated rural communities. These batteries are based on sodium, aluminum or zinc. They avoid the heavy metals and caustic chemicals used in older lead-acid battery chemistries. And they are more affordable, more scalable, and safer than the lithium batteries currently used in advanced electronics and electric cars. The newer technology is much better suited to support transmissions systems that rely heavily on solar or wind power.”

The batteries like these and the grid-size utility batteries  Elon Musk are producing are changing the landscape – literally to a cleaner path to energy.

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