The Adam Smith Plan for Climate Finance

The Adam Smith Plan for Climate Finance: Because the Climate is Too Big to Fail!

This is PDF of my PowerPoint Presentation, and “a big bold plan” to rethink Climate Finance altogether: It’s a much larger fund ($6.7 Trillion Annually), it’s easier to administer, it’s run by Private Banks so no need for Presidential or Congressional obstruction, and the wealthiest in the world, who taxpayers bailed out in 2008, will be the only ones to pay it (and it’s so minuscule, they won’t even notice). The best part is that it will unleash investments worldwide in new industries and jobs and boost Global GDP and reduce income inequality that threatens economies and national security. The “Invisible Hand” that Adam Smith envisioned.

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Climate Talk TV: The Climate Debate We Deserve!

Stay tuned: At 6:00 Eastern, will host the debate that Americans should have heard about Climate Change that the Media has ignored.  To ask a question just Tweet it Using #ClimateCheckForum Join Bill McKibben and global leaders in the most important issue on the ballot this year: The Climate.


Is it Time for a Category 6 Hurricane?

The Weather Channel reports on a blog post by Dr. Jeff Masters in which he discusses catastrophic “black swan” hurricanes that killed 22,000 people in 1780 and found the likelihood of “grey swan” hurricanes increasing by 14% because of Climate Change.

Climate Talk TV

Nancy Skinner responded to outrageous charges in the so called “Emailgate” that all the climate data at East Anglia University had been destroyed and what the “so called costs” would be as determined by the Anti-Science “Heritage Institute” to address climate change.

Spoiler Alert: Nancy Skinner, usually a voice of calm and reason in opposition on Fox News, just had to let the truth fly in this very heated exchange with Fox Host Bill Hemmer and conservative radio host Andrea Tantaro.